Best Dentist: What Are Dentures?

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Best Dentist | When worn correctly, dentures are basically indistinguishable from natural teeth. Although they are not perfect, they are being improved all the time and have helped many patients.

The best dentist for dentures is someone who keeps up with the latest developments in this field so their patients have dentures that provide the best fit and most comfort.

What are dentures?

Dentures are a form of replacement for natural teeth. They are somewhat different from other treatment options in that they are not attached permanently to the jawbone or natural teeth. The reason is that they were designed primarily to replace many teeth at once. Since the replacement of a lost tooth requires some type of anchor, normally natural teeth, if numerous teeth are missing from the same row, dentures make the only viable choice.

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The two basic types of dentures are complete and partial. A complete denture set can be removed for cleaning at night. Partials works similarly, but are attached to remaining natural teeth.

Why might I need dentures?

Patients are typically advised to get dentures if they have missing multiple teeth. If several teeth in a row are missing, there is no way to anchor using crowns, making dentures the only real choice.

If you are older, your teeth may have worn down and deteriorated. Replacing these teeth with dentures can help to reduce pain and eliminate ongoing root infections. It helps to improve your dental health.

Your best dentist will do everything possible to allow you to retain your natural teeth. Dentures are only recommended as a last resort.

Fortunately, dentures have seen improvements over the years. They can be very difficult to distinguish from natural teeth and allow you to eat and chew fairly normally.

How do you clean dentures?

  • Put a soft cloth or towel down before you remove your dentures over the sink. If you should drop your dentures, the soft material will cushion and protect them.
  • After removing your dentures, rinse them using warm water.
  • Gently brush them using a soft-bristled toothbrush, and clean all of the denture surfaces. Keep in mind that brushing your dentures will remove the adhesive. Once you have brushed your dentures, rinse them using warm water.
  • If you are going to bed, use lukewarm water to soak your dentures overnight. Don’t let them dry out, which could cause them to warp and grow brittle. Rinse your dentures in the morning before putting them back in your mouth.

Contacting Your Dentist

Keeping up with your regular dental appointments is essential to maintaining your oral health. If you are wearing dentures, make sure to maintain your regular checkups at least every six months.

Contact your best dentist at (617) 527-6061 if you have any concerns about your dentures, such as if they no longer fit properly and cause problems like sores or mouth irritation. Schedule a consultation today.




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