Protective Gear Why Your Child Should Wear Sports Guard

In 1905, a sports accident involving the US President’s son saved football. It may have taken a few more years for this sport to be entirely safe, but that incident compelled Theodore Roosevelt to act.

As a parent, we would understand the steps taken by the former president. It allows our kids to have fun without breaking any bones. Having your kids wear a sports guard will make sense if we take such precautions. Even your dentist will agree to this.

It would do your kids good to have that equipment on their teeth. It allows them to breathe, talk, and smile better because their teeth are complete. If you are wondering if it is still necessary to have it, consider the action you took to ensure your kids’ safety.

It Protects Their Teeth

Your dentist will encourage wearing a sports guard because it protects your children’s teeth. Like any sports activity, you will find yourself in situations where you will collide with other players, so you need to wear athletic mouth guards to avoid damaging your teeth. You may be surprised that even a soft collision may lead to dental injuries.

One of the worst cases of sports mouth guards is where your child gets kicked in the mouth. In this case, the sports guard will lessen the amount of damage done by the boot. Other sports will require the guard as well.

The sports guard does more than protect your teeth. It also helps prevent injuries to your face because it cushions any blow. It keeps your mouth from being cut or bruised even when you fall.

It Protects Your Brain

Sports mouth guards also help protect from brain injuries. As implied in the previous paragraphs, having a sports guard protects your teeth from breaking up and chips. For that reason, your teeth and jaw will be able to take the hit without breaking up.  

If your child is hesitant to wear one, you can point out that it will also protect his brain because it absorbs the shock of the blow to the head or jaw. Wearing one will not only make your dentist happy but your pediatrician too.

It Protects Dental Appliances

If your children wear braces, a mouth guard is a compulsory gear to wear during sports. The appliances, however, are prone to damage. The guard is the only way to protect your child’s teeth from getting damaged or broken. It will also prevent other players from hitting the brackets and wires of your child’s dental appliance.

If your child wants to play in a contact or collision sport, it is better to have your child use a mouth guard to protect his teeth and braces. As athletes get older, they are prone to injuries and even fractures. It is more common in contact sports such as boxing and football.

Your dentist will give instructions on how to wear a mouth guard properly. Your child will get used to wearing it sooner than you know. 


Getting your children to wear a sports guard should be a priority for you. It does not hurt to make sure its fit is correct. Many sports injury specialists can help you with that.   

It would be best to start them on it when they are young because they will get used to the feel of it in their mouth. It is not just an added expense but a good investment you can make in your family’s health.

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Newton Ma to help fit the mouth guard, you should approach Waban Dental Group. By ensuring that the mouth guard fits your child’s mouth, we also guarantee their comfort. Book an appointment now!

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