What You Can Expect from Your Appointment with the Dentist

It’s no secret that most people dread going to the dentist. In fact, a survey by the American Dental Association found that nearly 60 percent of adults avoid going to the dentist out of fear.

While it’s understandable to be apprehensive about getting dental work done, there’s no need to be afraid of the dentist.  But to help put your nerves at ease, here’s what you can expect from your visit.

Non-Routine Visit

Most people only visit the dentist when they have a routine cleaning or checkup scheduled. But sometimes, you may need to see the dentist for a non-routine reason.

At a non-routine visit, the dentist will likely take a more thorough look at your mouth and teeth than they would during a routine visit. They may also take X-rays or other types of images to get a better look at your teeth and mouth.

The dentist may also ask you questions about your dental history and any problems you’ve been having with your teeth. They’ll also want to know about any medications you’re taking, as some of them can affect your teeth and mouth.

After the examination, the dentist will discuss their findings with you and talk about any treatment options that are available. They’ll also answer any questions you have about the treatment.

If you’re scheduled for a non-routine visit to the dentist, there’s no need to worry. Just be prepared to answer some questions and have a thorough examination.

Routine Visits

When you visit the dentist, you can expect to have a routine cleaning and examination. This is typically done every six months, although your dentist may recommend more or less frequent visits based on your individual needs.

During a routine cleaning, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Your dentist may also use special tools to remove any tartar (hardened plaque) that has built up on your teeth.

After your teeth have been cleaned, your dentist will examine them for any signs of tooth decay or other problems. If necessary, they may take X-rays to get a closer look at your teeth and jawbone.

Based on the results of your examination, your dentist may recommend further treatment, such as a filling or a crown. If they identify any serious problems, they may refer you to a specialist for further evaluation.

Overall, a routine visit to the dentist is nothing to worry about. By keeping up with your regular appointments, you can help ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy for years to come.

Follow-Up Visit

It’s been a few weeks since your last dental appointment, and you’re due for a follow-up visit. Here’s what you can expect during your next appointment.

First, your dentist will ask how you’ve been feeling since your last visit. They’ll want to know if you’ve been having any pain or discomfort and if you’ve been having any trouble with your teeth or gums.

Next, your dentist will take a look at your teeth and gums. They’ll check for any new cavities or other problems.

Then, they’ll clean your teeth. This involves removing any plaque or tartar buildup. They may also floss your teeth and/or use an oral irrigator.

Finally, your dentist will discuss any new findings with you and answer any questions you may have. They may also give you some tips on how to take care of your teeth and gums at home.

Final Thoughts

It is important to visit the dentist regularly in order to maintain good oral health. The dentist can help to prevent problems such as cavities and gum disease and can also identify any early signs of more serious problems. Regular dental visits are an important part of keeping your mouth healthy.

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