Orthodontist In Newton: Benefits of Straightening Your Teeth with Braces

Orthodontist In Newton

Orthodontist In Newton | The days of having only one choice for straightening your teeth are long gone. Your orthodontist in Newton has a variety of dental braces available to help straighten your teeth, including traditional metal braces, lingual braces, Invisalign and ceramic braces.

Each form has its own unique benefits and drawbacks that you must consider before deciding upon the best treatment for your individual needs.

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Traditional Metal Braces

For many people, getting metal braces was a rite of passage during their teens. Today’s metal braces are not as obtrusive. And they work as effectively as ever in straightening teeth, but with less discomfort than before.

This treatment involves the use of metal wires and brackets, in most cases. They are attached to the teeth and alter periodically to continually shift teeth into their proper positions. One new addition is heat-activated arch wires that take advantage of body heat to shift teeth more rapidly with less discomfort.

Although conventional metal braces have the benefit of being the least expensive option for straightening your teeth, they are still the most noticeable form of braces, and some wearers may be somewhat self-conscious about wearing them.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are not that different from conventional metal braces in shape and size, but they are made from ceramic that more closely matches the color of natural teeth, making them much less noticeable.

One drawback of ceramic braces is that they are considerably more expensive than conventional metal braces and can develop stains if you are not careful.

Lingual Braces

Both lingual and traditional braces are constructed from metal, but the lingual type are affixed to the inside of the teeth so that they are not as visible when seen from the outside.

Although lingual braces have the benefit of being less visible than other types of braces, they are not as effective as conventional braces and may take longer to shift your teeth into their desired positions. Some patients also find them uncomfortable because they can come into direct contact with the tongue. Lingual braces are also harder to clean.

Self-Ligating braces

Self-ligating braces appear somewhat like traditional metal braces.  They rely upon clips instead of elastic bands for holding wires into place. This means that your braces will experience less friction, and you can normally keep your braces and teeth clean more easily.


Invisalign stands out among types of braces because no brackets or wires are involved. But Invisalign does not stand out appearance wise. This is a type of braces that is virtually invisible and undetectable. It utilizes clear plastic aligners to shift your teeth.

Invisalign has the benefit of being a convenient, easily removable system. You are able to remove your plastic aligners at any time to clean them or eat. You will recieve a new set of aligners periodically, according to your individual treatment plan.

Invisalign is popular by most patients because you are able to eat your favorite food. You can eat and drink as normal. One drawback is that Invisalign costs more than other systems. It’s only useful in cases of minor to moderate dental problems.

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