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Have you ever had a dental impression taken? If so, you remember the wide tray full of gooey, squishy material pressing down around your teeth, you probably don’t want another one taken again anytime soon. Fortunately, iTero can change that.

iTero uses digital mapping and scanning technology to take a “virtual” impression of your teeth. The high resolution wand measures the distance between itself and your various tooth surfaces, recreating a virtual replica of the tooth inside of iTero software. After scanning your mouth, we’re left with an extremely high quality digital impression of those teeth. In fact, iTero impressions are just as — if not more — accurate than the molds and models that we can create with traditional materials.

Digital Accuracy, Improved Comfort

Accuracy is key when it comes to quality dental crowns and other restorations. Unfortunately, changes in materials (such as warping due to temperatures) or human error can sometimes impede the process. iTero scanning is extremely accurate to the point that exceeds that of traditional dental impressions.

To make matters even better, you don’t have to rest for several minutes with gooey impression material in your mouth or need to clean it up afterward. The iTero wand instantly scans your teeth and imports the “digital” impression into your patient file. All you have to do is say “ahh.”

Have a Sensitive Gag Reflex? No Problem!

People with hypersensitive gag reflexes can have a challenging time getting impressions made. Especially since traditional impressions cover the roof of the mouth and have to set there for several minutes. The gooey texture transitioning into a firmer, slightly slimy alginate can be impossible for some individuals.

iTero changes all of that. The handheld wand is held directly over your teeth and moved throughout the mouth as it records a digital impression. You almost won’t be able to tell that there’s anything in your mouth at all.

If a sensitive gag reflex has been standing in the way of healthier, more beautiful teeth, iTero is the answer.

Digitally Transfer Your Records to Our Lab

Traditional dental impressions require pouring a stone-like material into the mold of your tooth, creating a replica of your teeth. This fragile model is then packed up and shipped to the lab, where custom restorations are made. If something breaks, the entire process has to be repeated.

iTero makes it so that you can either have your crowns made onsite or the digital file sent straight to a lab when necessary. The electronic file is HIPAA secure for your privacy. Instead of waiting a few days for it to get there, it’s sent to the lab in a matter of minutes.

More Efficient Care

From shortening the amount of time needed to take your “impression”, to the manpower that’s saved pouring models in the back of our lab, iTero saves hours and even days or weeks when it comes to smile restoration. What might take two weeks traditionally can be shortened to two hours in some cases.

Compatible with In-Office Treatments

iTero digital scanning is capable of working alongside of CAD/CAM equipment such as same-day milling technology. So, if you need a dental crown designed, it’s possible to use the iTero scan and convert it into the machine and essentially fit the crown within an hour. The same can be done if the lab we’re using has in-house milling technology; we simply transfer the file to their facility, and they print it from a matching block of ceramic.

Digital Scans for Orthodontic Patients

Since clear alignment systems like Invisalign are digitally mapped out, they work well with the iTero dental scanner. The virtual “impression” can be uploaded into the Invisalign software to help map out what your treatment will look like before it even starts. This computerized information is what makes it possible to estimate the overall timeframe of your Invisalign treatment.

To make things even better, your digital file is always there if you misplace or break an aligner (or retainer.) If you need a replacement, we can use the virtual model to have one created. You don’t even need to come back to the office for us to re-scan your teeth.

Better Care for Our Patients

We continually invest in cutting-edge technology for our patients. The advantages of more efficient care at a higher level of quality are a win-win for everyone. iTero is just one example of some of the investments that we’ve made.

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