6 Things to Do to Prepare for Your Root Canal Procedure

The first root canal is a scary moment, but it is sometimes a necessary procedure to address tooth pain. While it may be required to relieve the discomfort, it’s important to remember that a root canal is an invasive treatment. It can be argued that there’s no universal “best” method to prepare for your first root canal. However, there are some strategies you can use before your periodontist performs the procedure that may help you cope and reduce patient anxiety.

1. Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

Before the procedure, it’s a good idea to ask the dentist about any concerns you have. For instance, if you’re worried about pain during the treatment, don’t hesitate to ask the dentist about the anesthesia that will be used. Or, if you’re concerned about how long the procedure will last, ask the dental assistant what to expect. 

In addition, remember to ask about the level of discomfort you can expect. It’s better to know ahead of time how much discomfort you can expect to mentally prepare yourself for any discomfort.

2. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol consumption can be more damaging to your body when you’re undergoing a root canal procedure, as they can increase your risk of developing an infection. While it may be tempting to enjoy a drink or smoke if you’re nervous, it’s a better idea to hold off until the treatment is complete. Moreover, smoking can also slow down the recovery process.

3. Discuss Antibiotics

If you’re undergoing a root canal, your dentist will likely prescribe antibiotics to treat the infection. Discuss taking the antibiotics with the dentist to determine how long you should take the drug. In addition, don’t hesitate to ask about the side effects of taking the drugs.

4. Take Pain Medications as Advised

If you are given any pain medication before or after the treatment, take it as directed. Pain medication is often necessary to manage pain experienced during and after the procedure. If you don’t take the medication as directed, the pain or discomfort can be heightened.

5. Try Relaxation Techniques to Cope with Anxiety

The root canal procedure will likely be uncomfortable. It’s possible to reduce the amount of discomfort you experience by using relaxation techniques. Focus on taking slow, deep breaths and try to remain calm. It’s also a good idea to distract yourself from the pain by thinking about something else.

6. Talk to Someone Who’s Been Through the Process

It’s a good idea to speak with someone who’s been through a root canal procedure. If you’re nervous about the root canal, ask a friend who has had the treatment if they would be willing to talk to you. Talking to someone who’s experienced a root canal can help you better prepare for the treatment.

Final Thoughts

While a root canal is an invasive procedure, it’s one that is sometimes necessary. Before you have the treatment performed, it’s helpful to take steps to reduce stress. These steps can include asking questions about the treatment, smoking and alcohol cessation and discussing pain medication. Furthermore, try to stay calm during the procedure and use relaxation techniques.

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