How Old Is Too Old for Dental Braces

If you’re considering getting braces as an adult, know that you’re far from alone. More and more adults are choosing to improve their teeth and smiles with braces yearly. If you’re worried that your age might factor in getting braces, here are some things to consider.

Why It’s Not Too Late to Get Braces

There are some definite advantages to getting orthodontic work done at a younger age since the jaw and facial bones are still developing. However, adult braces are becoming increasingly popular, and they can be an excellent option for you at any age—as long as your dentist thinks it’s a good idea.

Some adults might find that the time has come to get braces for more than one reason, including:

  • Crooked teeth that get in the way of your smile
  • Gaps in your teeth that make it difficult to chew certain foods
  • Gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth
  • Crowded or overlapping teeth

In addition to these cosmetic concerns, some serious health issues can be related to misshapen teeth and poor oral hygiene. For example, if you have severe crowding or overlapping teeth that aren’t cleaned properly, you could have a higher risk of developing cavities or gum disease. Your dentist can give you even more information about the risks specific to your case.

The Advantages of Adult Braces

There are many reasons to get braces, and each person will experience different benefits. Some people get braces for cosmetic reasons, while others need them to correct alignment problems like TMJ. Braces can give people the confidence that crooked teeth can take away.

There are several benefits to getting braces as an adult that you may not have considered. For one, people tend to have more self-control at this stage in life, so things like avoiding certain foods and practicing good oral hygiene should be much easier than with, let’s say, a ten-year-old. The same goes for wearing a retainer after the treatment is finished. Better upkeep during and after the process means better and longer-lasting results.

The Disadvantages of Adult Braces

Even though it may be more difficult to reset your teeth after your jaw and facial bones have been set in place, your doctor will prescribe a treatment that fits your personal needs and will support you throughout the entire process. In most cases, it will only take a few months before you’re back to an even better normal.

Like with childhood braces, some people may feel self-conscious about having to wear metal in their mouths. However, the people around you will be supportive and excited to see you better yourself. And if anyone makes you feel bad about it, that says more about them than it does about you.

What Are Your Options?

Metal braces are still viable, but more discreet choices are now available for people who don’t want their braces to be so noticeable. Your options include:

  • Traditional Metal
  • Self-Ligating
  • Clear Ceramic
  • Clear Aligners (such as Invisalign®)

Don’t worry if you think you’re too old for braces. You’re not. Every year, more and more adults are choosing to straighten their teeth. Get the smile you’ve always wanted.


Whatever your age, braces can make a huge difference in how you feel about your smile. It can also change your life in the form of better teeth and better health. 

At the Waban Dental Group, we provide a full range of dental services for your entire family. Our multi-specialty practice offers adult, pediatric, and orthodontic dental services, with the main focus on your dental health and satisfaction. Convenience, quality care, decades of experience, and a top-notch team are what sets the Waban Dental Group apart. Our knowledgeable staff is a trustworthy source for everything from routine cleanings to orthodontics. If you’re considering getting adult braces, our orthodontics for adults in Newton, MA, will take good care of you. Get in touch with us to restore your smile!

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