When Are Space Maintainers for Adults Recommended?

Space maintainers are the devices used in orthodontic treatment to hold the position of teeth that were prematurely lost due to trauma or extractions. Orthodontists recommend space maintainers when a patient has lost a baby tooth prematurely and a permanent tooth has not yet erupted to take its place. Space maintainers are typically used to maintain the space between the teeth so that the permanent tooth can erupt properly and the adjacent teeth do not drift into the empty space.

But when are space maintainers for adults recommended by orthodontists? Read on and find out:

An Adult Might Need Space Maintainers, Too

Space maintainers are dental appliances used to support the teeth and jaw in cases where a tooth or teeth are missing or have been removed. While traditionally used in children, adults can also benefit from space maintainers. In this post, we will discuss the various reasons why an adult might need space maintainers and how they can help.

The most common reason an adult may need space maintainers is when they have lost a tooth or teeth due to trauma, decay, or periodontal disease. In these cases, space maintainers can help to keep the remaining teeth in place by providing support and preventing them from shifting. This can help minimize the risk of misalignment and other issues that can arise from missing teeth.

Space maintainers can also help prevent crowding in cases where the jaw is too small to accommodate all the teeth. By providing support and keeping the teeth from shifting, space maintainers can help create more room for the teeth to grow. This can be especially helpful for adults considering braces or other orthodontic treatments to correct overcrowding.

Lastly, space maintainers can be used to help with orthodontic treatment. In cases where braces are needed, space maintainers can help create more room for the teeth to move into their correct positions. This can help shorten the time necessary for treatment.

Why Space Maintainers Are Important for Adults

Space maintainers for adults are vital for their dental health. They are specialized dental appliances designed to keep teeth in their proper position after a tooth has been removed or when a space is created due to a missing tooth. Without a space maintainer, the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth can shift and move into the space, resulting in a misaligned bite, difficulty chewing, and other dental issues.

They can help prevent misalignment and other dental issues, and they can also help to preserve the overall health of the mouth. If you have experienced a traumatic injury or dental disease that has resulted in the loss of a tooth, it is important to discuss using a space maintainer with your dentist to ensure that your teeth stay in their proper position.


In conclusion, space maintainers for adults can be a helpful tool for those who have lost teeth due to trauma, decay, or periodontal disease. They can also help prevent overcrowding, help with impacted wisdom teeth, and aid in orthodontic treatment. If you think you may benefit from a space maintainer, speak with your dentist to discuss the best option for you.

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