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Even with the best at-home dental care, tooth decay can occur to patients of all ages. For this reason, routine dental exams and cleanings are essential. When decay is caught early on, simple treatments such as dental fillings are recommended. However, left untreated, the decay can worsen leading to infection and tooth loss.

Dental fillings are commonly performed at Waban Dental Group. Learn more below and contact our team today.

How Do Cavities Occur?

Sugar is a major culprit of tooth decay. That is because sugar is known to erode the enamel. If you do not brush your teeth often and floss daily, your teeth are more susceptible to decay. It is important to note that people can still get tooth decay even with great dental care. In other words, maintain your dental visits as recommended to prevent issues that may otherwise go undetected.

Tooth decay that is left untreated is known to worsen and lead to severe issues such as infection and tooth loss. This can result in extensive dental work such as a root canal treatment. As a result, it is always recommended to treat issues early on to avoid future complications.

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Types Of Dental Fillings

Amalgam fillings are the traditional option, but many people do not like them. Some people are worried about having metal in their bodies. Other people feel self-conscious because Amalgam fillings are known to darken, making it visible to others.

The more modern option matches the color of your teeth. Composite resin fillings are an inert material that can be custom matched to your smile. This is a very durable material that will last for many years. With composite resin fillings, you will feel more comfortable with smiling, laughing, and talking to others.

Dental Fillings Maintenance

Good dental hygiene will protect your fillings and help you avoid future cavities. Drink plenty of water, avoid sweets and acidic foods/beverages, and maintain your routine dental visits.

Can I Replace My Old Fillings?

Yes, you can! Some people choose to have old amalgam fillings covered with composite resin material. Simply schedule a consultation with us to learn more about this procedure.

Learn More About Dental Fillings

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