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Wearing a sports mouthguard is one of the smartest things an athlete can do. This protective equipment may in fact provide better insurance than pads or other types of guards you wear during organized sports.

Whether your athlete is in soccer, basketball, football, or something else, a sports mouthguard may be the most important piece of equipment you invest in. Any time there’s a chance to fall or get hit in the mouth, an oral injury could occur. Thankfully, it can also be prevented.

Preventable Dental Emergencies

A high percentage of sports related injuries involve the mouth and face. An elbow to the jaw, ball to the mouth, a hard fall, or even a hit from the side can cause major injuries like:

  • Knocked out teeth
  • Chipped or broken enamel
  • Broken jaws
  • Lip, cheek, or tongue lacerations
  • Concussions

Mouthguards designed for athletic activities protect the teeth as well as the lips, tongue, jaw, and cheeks. Even if an injury still occurs, the added layer of protection minimizes the extent of the trauma overall. The difference could mean a few stitches instead of a trip to the emergency room. It can also save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in hospital bills. Even if the modest cost isn’t included in your insurance coverage, it can provide affordable peace of mind.

Can Sports Mouthguards Prevent Concussions?

There are some studies that suggest professionally fabricated mouthguards can statistically lower the risk of suffering a concussion. These appliances can only be made by a dentist and do not include looser “boil and bite” or semi-customizable trays you buy in a store.

How can it prevent a concussion? By the way it prevents the mandible (lower jaw) from being forced back and up into the base of the skull. It has to do with the depth and design of the mouthguard, as it creates a fixed cushion that reduces severity of the blow. In turn, trauma to the skull and brain is less likely to occur.

While a mouthguard may not be a sure-fire way to prevent concussions 100%, it can statistically lower the chances of one happening. Similar to wearing a helmet when you’re involved in a bicycle accident.

Custom vs. Over-the-Counter Mouthguards

What makes a professional sports mouthguard more effective than a stock guard you can buy in the store? Or is it better at all?

Custom fitted guards snuggly hug your teeth “like a glove.” Their secure fit makes them more likely to stay put when you need them most. On the other hand, stock guards are much looser and tend to shift around. If you get hit in the face or fall down, they’re more likely to fall out of your mouth and thus fail to protect you from secondary injuries. More often than not, a blow during a sporting activity isn’t just one hit. It’s a second, third, or fourth blow due to multiple factors within the matter of a few seconds.

Additionally, professionally fitted mouthguards are more comfortable. Your athlete will be less likely to have to take it out to hydrate, talk to teammates, or chew on it out of boredom. The smooth contour makes it easier to ignore while it’s there. That way you can focus on the game. Over-the-counter mouthguards are more rigid and bulky. They’re typically more challenging to drink or talk with. As a result, athletes tend to take them out over the course of their activity and not put them back in their mouth. When that happens, they’re putting themselves at a higher risk for injury.

Customized to Match Your Team Colors

Sports mouthguard come in a wide variety of colors. Choose a unique shade to make your appliance more distinguishable or elect to have it designed to match your team’s jerseys. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can help.

Available for Local Athletes and Students

Even if you’re not normally a patient at our office, we can work with your student athlete to fit them for a sports mouthguard. We welcome local school and sports teams to contact us about fitting their team members with protective appliances.

A Safer Smile is Just a Call Away

The only thing we need to fit you with a custom mouthguard is an impression of your mouth. This visit is relatively short (only 15-20 minutes) and we’ll use the molds to have the mouthguard made by our lab. The fitted appliance will be ready to pick up within a week or two, depending on the type you’re getting.

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